The Write Way


I have been writing since I was five years old. I mean, I was probably writing something before that, but as far as detailed, chronological history of what I’ve written, I have dozens upon dozens of dated journals and notebooks and loose papers that are organized into folders that have always solidified my belief that I would have my art: feelings, thoughts, and memories expressed via the written word.

My maternal grandfather was an excellent writer and was an editor for at least one newspaper on the East Coast that I’m aware of. Being of proud Irish heritage, he had a regular column aptly named, “Behind The Old Gal’s Back”. My mother is an avid writer as well and I realize that I have learned so much from her over the last few decades. (Thanks Mom for all your feedback especially during the agonizing college essay period of my life!)

What did I like to write and what do I like to write? Well, it hasn’t changed much! There has always been the inane babbling within “Dear Diary” entries of various lovelorn stages of my life sometimes containing incredibly poignant poetry, precociously imaginative short stories and other times, lengthy stream-of-consciousness alongside drawings that upon reading back make me laugh and cry - sometimes simultaneously. 

My injury may have taken away my ability to physically hold onto a pencil and feverishly flick two of my fingertips on the keyboard as I lost the use of my hands due to my Spinal Cord Injury, but let’s face it – I was never a proper fast typer ever since I cheated in Mr. Ackerman’s sixth-grade computer class! However, there’s really something about the entire physicality of the process that I still fantasize about and miss so damn much. I did not stop writing – in fact, several months after the injury, someone brought a laptop computer to rehab and shortly thereafter I started to chronicle my crazy life-changing experiences. Once back at home, I continued writing; albeit my “newfound reality” relegated me to using voice dictation via Dragon Naturally Speaking as a means to do so. 

It’s not the way I want it to be, but it’s the way it is now. And what I’ve been hearing from mentors and coaches is that it really is a PRACTICE and that I should write every day: even when I’m NOT feeling it. And so I’m trying...

Here’s to a happy November and cheers to more production of content - whatever it is - just get it out and share it with the world. I’m consistently reminded, “this is NOT a dress rehearsal!” from one of my best friends, Elia - it’s true - LIFE is in session! 




Photo: Margaret Malandruccolo

Hair, Makeup & Styling: Melanie Manson

Dress: Free People

Bracelet: Vintage Silver Sautoir